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Our self talk can be so powerful when we do it right. Self talk sounds so fancy but it’s something we all do, some people are just more aware of it than others, and some don’t recognise it as self talk. That little voice in your head, that pep talk you give yourself before an […]

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Scared Money Makes No Money

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Watching the Pursuit of Happiness.


Watching the pursuit of happiness isn’t the same as… living it.

It is well worth watching, not worth living. Sitting in the classroom keeping my GPA above probationary, by the skin of my teeth. Sandy is lurking in the air, threatening, to impact New York. I’m tired of roaming, tired of hoping.

Homeless and straight A’s… haven’t really ate for days, thoughts of Christ’s 40 days. I can so relate, temptation stays awake..while I try to sleep. The entrance to campus inspires me, reminiscing on things I’ve survived, I haven’t died, I’m still alive, dead spirit.

Homeless and all, I glide through life. I need to stay alive, at least till my loan comes through, temptation hasn’t slept. That Cinnabon cupcake I kept. Temptation crept. Full blown Hives..while I wept. Call 911 I’m going to die.. someone stop and help me survive, don’t give up Evelyn, I hear her cry, help is on the way I won’t let you die..

Stop walking she says, I think I can make it, I still have to try. I can’t see, hives in my eyes, my third eye guides me cause, it’s not my time to die. Seems like the ambulance fell from the sky.

I wake up in ICU – can’t even cry, get me my tablet!, I have to write, my thesis is due tomorrow night. To be an Average student isn’t gonna fly. Graduation isn’t happiness, It’s all a lie, God isn’t gonna ask for a PHD, to let you ride, or even a Masters to let you slide. What did you do, while you were alive?

The pursuit of it all a lie?

Based on true events; an excerpt from an essay by Sour Indyka, November 2012.

Understands…that the government now is trying to take us back into early 80s…where everyone knew the same information not more not less…..and of course minorities. ..with nothing more than they have …an exclusivity of millionaires and billionaires. .pushing genetic testing like the great depression shoved social security numbers ….down people’s throats. …keeping science. .in silence so that we won’t ever learn the truth…..keeping real history from being printed in history books for fear of looking bad….

…..Obama worked for them too…but he was the best that ever did it….did what he could so he won’t get Kennedeed… that they won’t blatantly make it about color…they use our God’s to divide Us…and we like rhetoric fools that we are ..fall for it…like if you were hit by a car or shot up ☝ right now and first face you see is mine calling 911….should I stop and ask you who you pray to?  or what’s your gender? Or sexual preferences and nationality. ..before I dial..911…to even consider helping you…should I stop and ask…let me know right now.!!!….you don’t have to tell me twice….man I’ll walk over you I have no problem seeing blood all over the place…I ain’t passing out… …meanwhile back at the ranch…have a nice day :roll:…by the way..

Evelyn Indyka


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Sour Does it again with her to be continued, edition of the mental underground railroad. Enjoy the ride.

What Used To Be



Lenyse Alfaro

I took for granted the times we had ,
the moments we had until we cried.
those late night talks,
the simple words that turned a bad day into good.
it used to be just you and me.
i guess that’s what used to be.
after us was done, you said you could never fall in love again.
you were wrong.
as i sit here, reminiscing those memories,
i cant help but wonder,
are you happy now? do you really love her?
i know i want you to be happy, but does she really make you happy?
i never had to share you before.
call me selfish, but i liked it that way.
you said i can never be replaced.
now you’re with someone else.
is everything you said, lies?
i guess that’s what used to be…

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Shake Your Fears! By Sour Indyka

In your fight or flight response. (scientific name for spazzed out fear with a positive ending)(depending on given circumstances)almost all of the time, you over come the odds against survival. Prevail, Forget how or why, just know that you did prevail and your going to continue, to prevail. I’m here to break you free through my underground mental railroad, Third I never doubt, nor second guess yourself, stand up for yourself, always you have a moral right to protect  yourself to defend your, mind body and soul,(true father son and Holy breath) and the surroundings You reside in..Respect The I in you.. that holy breath in you, if you start with yourself, Everyone will follow, self love becomes love, self respect, becomes respect, it drops the adjectives and just becomes the verb…..y the Ego, if ur gonna coward out….talk to me!!dime

It hasn’t been about color In a while. It hasn’t been about race since Obama was elected.
It’s about the mind, it is about the power in knowledge, The ability to marvel other minds. Mesmerizing the sheep..steering them towards certain death and destruction. It’s about being a slave and not being aloud to read a book, hence, rising above only to ignore the book. It has not been about immigration in a long time. It is about the energy you exude,  Thespians or court jesters, entertainment or clowns. Keep convincing yourself it is about color, convince yourself it is about social class, convince yourself. New Era of Consciousness, look within for answers.
There is nothing knew under the sun. What is it that you go to school for? What is it that you go to church for?
Does the book not say, ” I made you In the Image of the Gods, Does science not say you are divine creation. No DNA like you, in the galaxies. Do you still think it’s about color do you think it’s about hate or social class. Energy being wake up, tune in, flow with like energy cease to let your light be dimmed by fallacies of conspiracy hypotheses. It’s easy to blame others for your ignorance,  when you have the answer in front of you.
Neurological gorilla warfare, are you prepared for the neurological warfare

You are not depressed, you are distracted. Sometimes, I believe that I’m the one in an episode of the Walking Dead; There are walkers out here. There are humans here that are hungry ..not for body parts, but for souls, spirits, energy, vibes and they taint auras.
Sit still he whispers, sit silent speak not a word, for your soul is at stake. Who wouldnt want to dance in the the pale moonlit night with him,
so subtle, so smooth, so mysterious oh so hypnotizing. Exhale, its going to be okay. Get lost in his steps why don’t you. The perfect dance your last dance, before giving into the seduction. Ive danced with the devil in a pale moonlit night, I danced the whole night through, and when the evening turned to dawn. The final score lets leave he whispered in my ears lets leave before dawn.
I put down the belt, that felt so perfect around my neck, and went to sleep as soon as I saw the sunrise.
They say when you die you turn. The physical death is meaningless, it’s what perishes inside that makes you turn. In my walking dead you survive the bite, sometimes.
You are not depressed, you are distracted, you are not depressed, you are distracted. You are not a body, you live in a body, you are not a body, you live in a body, now tell the body to relax. I will live forever as long as you remember me, but what would you remeber me for?, remember me before I myself become a walker remember me before the dance remember me, before the bite, remember me when you lay quietly at night. It will not be the flesh you miss. It was the flesh that I kissed, the flesh that made me turn. The kiss that made me burn.
You never lose you learn, you stand there and watch me burn, just cause I was baptised in flames, doesn’t mean, I am able to survive, these hunger games. You are not depressed you are distracted, you are not angry, you are distracted, and you’re definetly aren’t hurting, you are distracted.
Sour Indyka

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